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Good Cook is a young, dynamic and pioneering Dutch publisher of non-fiction with a particular focus on food.

The titles in our catalogue reflect our high editorial standards and appetite for innovative production and design. We are a flexible and creative publishing house with a passion for quality books. In recent years our spectrum has broadened and we have been publishing beautiful (even award winning) cookbooks on all kind of subjects. Cookbooks about fish, meat or veggies, some with only vegan or vegetarian recipes. From baking and making your own sweets to fermenting your food. Everything about food and cooking excites us!

Good Cook is the publishing arm of the Oldenhof family business, Kookwinkel Oldenhof, founded in the Netherlands in 1821; now one of Europe’s largest cookery stores with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The powerful combination of cookery stores and a publishing house is an exceptional one, putting Good Cook at the forefront of culinary trends in store, and in print.

We hope you will like the books we publish, like we enjoy publishing them!

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